Nice to meet you!

We're Sarah & Patrick, the husband and wife duo behind Petals and Pine Photography & Film. We feel beyond happy to be doing this job together, capturing amazing couples in gorgeous locations around the world. We've shot close to 50 weddings in stunning places such as the Gettysburg, State College, Philadelphia, New York City, and the Dominican Republic. We offer wedding videography and lifestyle photography services.

I feel what is unique to Patrick and me, which benefits our clients, is that we have completely different styles for shooting. My background is in nature photography which taught me how to quickly determine the angles with most captivating appeal. I love finding that singular, amazing shot that will capture little details that couples have spend so much time deciding and dreaming about. In 2014, a photograph I took while in Haiti was published in nature magazine, Terre Sauvage.

Patrick on the other-hand, has a background in film. I believe it's his gentle energy and sincere smile that makes people feel so comfortable around him, enabling him to capture the candid moments. In the end, it's the laughs, tears, touches, questionable dance moves and loving looks that really help us to document your wedding day.